Why Bradley again? and Why You will Still End Up Watch it Live on PPV?

Pacquiao will meet Bradley for the 3rd time in what would be his last fight :(

I am a Pacquiao fan ever since. I have watched all of his fights and bought all of his Pay Per View matches regardless of who he is fighting with. If you will ask  if I will buy the Pacquiao-Bradley 3 PPV, I still probably will. It's Manny Pacquiao’s last fight in the first place.

Man, I would have been really thrilled though if he has picked somebody else aside from boxers who he already exchanged blows with and especially those he has beaten before. While Timothy Bradley is a good boxer, I don't think he is worthy of being the last opponent in Pacquiao's career. If this was their first meeting I might be all too excited to see the match. Bradley and Pacquiao fought twice already and on record they are both 1-1. The truth however is that Pacquiao beat Bradley twice, and I know, many will agree with me. So Why the heck are they fighting again for the 3rd time on April 9?

Pacquiao – Khan, for me, might gave been a better choice and can attract fans from Europe, too. European fans are lively and spirited. I can still here people chant Ole!, Ole! , Ole! during his fight with Hatton. Khan have been trying to get fights with either  Maywether or Pacquiao and its just too bad that he hasn't had the luck yet.

Pacquiao – Bronner, would also have been ideal. The Ballader vs the Hip-Hop Boxer. But perhaps this fight might give Pacquiao better PPV numbers. Not to mention Bronner is like the little bro of Mayweather so that's a fight I personally want to see. Maybe he can avenge his loss through Bronner. 

Kidding aside, Pacquiao - Crawford may have been the best choice.Arum would not have any excuse to make this happen because both are under Top Rank Promotions. Terrence Crawford is an up and coming and unbeaten champion who could present a good challenge for Pacquiao. Crawford is the current WBO World Super lightweight Champion and Pacquiao can easily drop to 140 or they can fight in a catch weight. This also, may have been the best choice before making his graceful exit from the sport.

Very soon we will see Round 25 of Pacquiao vs Bradley and no matter how they market this fight, people already know what to expect . Even after the impressive showing of Timothy Bradley against Brandon Rios, which Pacquiao also has beaten, even if Teddy Atlas gave the best speech in the corner to enhearten Bradley, this match should never have been made.

At the end of the day, and like what I have said from the start, I will definitely end up buying the PPV. On April 9, I will still set up the house and put out a big projector, prepare food and invite family and friends over just like how I used to. We will continue to cheer for Pacquiao. Regardless of the opponent, we will never miss the last professional fight of the greatest Filipino boxer who have ever lived.

The Pacquiao era has given each and every Filipino around the world something to look forward every time he fight's. It’s a merry festivity and a celebration of unity. This will all be missed. We are not certain if there will be another Manny Pacquiao, but for sure Filipino fans will not miss this last fight for anything in the world. We wish you luck, Manny!

Pacquiao vs. Bradley (I & II) - Fight Recap
It's been confirmed. Manny Pacquiao will have his final fight against the highly respected Tim Bradley. This will be the third time Pac has faced him. The first fight was a bizarre points loss which an overwhelming amount of observers felt he won. And the second fight saw him correct the first result. Here are some of his best moments in those two encounters.
Posted by Gorilla Productions on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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