GAB Calls for a Review of the Pacquiao vs Horn Fight and a Sanction for Referee and Judges

The Battle of Brisbane was one of the best boxing match that we have seen in recent years. A young and hungry fighter against a legend of boxing.

Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao was a scintelating action packed fight. Jeff Horn the underdog showed the world that he is deserving of the fight against Pacquiao.  Jeff Horn swarmed Pacquiao all rounds but Pacquiao was throwing the more effective punches. 

50,000 people were bare witnesses of the fight inside Suncorp stadium in Brisbane including the Local governing body from the Philippines who regulate boxing events and licenses of pro boxing events.

Because of the call of the fans, the organization, headed by GAB Chairman Baham Mitra, sent a formal letter to WBO calling for a review of the fight and calls for sanctions for judges and referee if there are irregularities  that is found.

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  1. Yes so glad this is happening Manny Pacquiao was the worthy winner of this boxing match in Brisbane at Suncorp Stadium. The referee did not do a thing to stop headbutting or Horn wresting with Manny nothing was done the points punch status points to Manny winning this bout but it went to Horn which was wrong


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