Derrick Rose Doesn't Want Fame? Playing for One Reason

Derrick Rose wants to be with his kids

Derrick Rose was once the most popular basketball player in the NBA but after all these years, Rose, the 2009 rookie of the year, 2011 MVP and a 3-time All Star never wanted the fame.

In a recent interview from Associated Press, Rose reveals that he is playing for his son and understand that he needs to be with him and be there. Rose also mentioned that he has learned to live outside of basketball especially after all of those years being sidelined due to injury.

"He's the only reason that I'm playing this game,"  "My dad wasn't around. So my mom was that figure for me"

The statement above almost feels like a subtle way of saying and accepting that he is ready to step back and just have a back up role, but we could be mistaken. Derrick Rose, while may not have the same playing minutes or opportunity to score in Cleveland, may have just gotten his biggest opportunity to win a championship, especially now that he is teamed up with LeBron James.

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