The Question That Started all the Giannis Antetokounmpo Worries, Debate and Rumors

Giannis Antetokounmpo recently visited Manila for some charity work and that's awesome. But more than the actual charity work itself, a statement from him was actually the one which made waves across the world and stirred the NBA world.

The question came from our very own reporter Ian Genada. He asked Giannis how long he plans on staying with the the Bucks and his answer was something the management should be concerned about. On the other hand, this opens up an opportunity for other teams to get the service of this talented young Greek.

I know it's kind of hard, a lot of people say that they would stay in the team but decide to move to a different team, but you guys need to remember that guy might want to stay in the team but the team need to do the right thing and the right move for the player to become great. 
KD's reason he left OKC is to win a championship, so did he win the championship?  
Then people cheered. it's not only the player because sometimes it's not up to the players.- Giannis

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