Blake Griffin of the Philippines? Can Lervin Flores Dunk his way to the PBA?

A young 6'5 basketball player from Pampanga have already captured the imagination of some basketball fans. Lervin Flores a standout from Arellano University has been making waves for his high-flying ability and has been one of the highly touted players that may see action in the PBA soon.

While he certainly got the leaping ability and the physicality to show, he is fairly undersized for his position, especially in the big league.

Tagged as the Blake Griffin of the Philippines, he brings the hammer in every position as he tries to nail the ball down hard in every possession.

Check out Blake Griffin Dunk in High School

Without a doubt, he may be one of the top local prospects but his game still needs a lot of flourishing as dunking may not always be an available option for you especially in front of much bigger guys in the pro league.  Flores is still young and needs to diversify his offensive arsenal to be truly called the Blake Griffin of the Philippines. Shooting from the outside will greatly improve his chances to be a star in the PBA.

Check out some of the highlights of  Lervin Flores.

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