What's on the Head of Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade?

Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade: New Look, New Season

Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler has developed a bond together during their time playing with each other in Chicago. Both players have traveled and certainly spent a lot of time together. Recently, the two stars worked out together and had a rather funny conversation about how each other looked so differently. 

Dwyane Wade posted a photo of them together sharing a laugh. 

We know that Jimmy Butler has been traded to the Wolves and Dwyane Wade is most likely to play for a new team next season but it will not be a new jersey they will be wearing next season as they got a new hairstyle!

  • dwyanewadeOur convo went alil something like this Jimmy: What is that in your head. Me: what is that in your head. Que the laughs and boom the picture was taken. That's called picture magic🤷🏾‍♂️ #Gymrats #Workers


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