Balls-Eye: Who's the Most Consistent Offensive Player in the NBA League So Far?

Aside from scoring more than the opponent, another strategic attack to bag victory is ceasing the other team's dominant player on the offensive end. But not when against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a relentless scoring machine. With a 10-9 Win-Loss record this season with the Milwaukee Bucks, those 9 losses didn't mean a shutdown Giannis. He's just an all-out destructive mechanism anytime, anywhere and just gives it all to score as much as the Bucks needed every single game.

29.7 PPG plus 10.2 RPG. Many players can do a double-double game performance? But how about a double-double average? Not that typical eh? Well, Believe it or not. Those are Giannis' numbers so far. He frequently scores more than 30 points a game and that is not usual, not for Giannis. Scoring high is just as easy as picking apples.

But Giannis could not take the whole team up, it shall be the team that shall keep up with him. If not, his tremendous efforts will find itself in vain, wasted and worthless.

Bucks as a contender against Cavs?

If Giannis would play alone 1 on 1 against LeBron, he'll stand a chance. But Bucks vs the Cavs? Not yet, Greek Freak will be alone against Cavs' beastly gunners. He may score huge even by as much as 50 points but Cleveland's stars can easily wash this out.

And also before the Cavs, they still have some other strong opponents like Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons.


For the Bucks journey to go farther than now, that isn't about Giannis anymore. He's doing more than enough. His teammates leveling up is a must and only then they can match the huge obstacles in the east.


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