Video of the Day: Electrifying LeBron, Dominating Max Hollaway, Farewell Miguel Cotto and a Bonus Video

December 4, 2017 -  Let's start the week right by showing you some of the best in basketball, MMA and Boxing last weekend.

The Cleveland Cavaliers has been moving everyone to the side and has now compiled an 11-game winning streak, there's no doubt that LeBron James is one of the players who are responsible for the recent success they are enjoying so why don't I give you first James' magnificent performance against the Memphis Grizzlies as he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 116-111 victory!

1. Electrifying LeBron James defying father time.

We go on to MMA. In the UFC Max Holloway faces Jose Aldo in a highly anticipated rematch that happens during the weekend and boy, the two fighters did not disappoint as they made the night one of the best MMA moments ever.  Max Holloway came out on top in round 3 as he mercilessly pounded Aldo to the ground on his way to retaining his UFC Featherweight belt.

2. Max Hollaway vs Josel Aldo 2 Highlights

For our 3rd video, we bid goodbye to a boxing legend and we say hello to a potential new boxing star. Miguel Cotto's last fight inside the boxing ring happened last weekend. It was supposed to be a party for Cotto but it was spoiled by Sadam Ali. Ali won via unanimous decision.

2. HBO Miguel Cotto vs. Sadam Ali Highlights

Bonus: Today we have one more video. We attended a local Amateur MMA event and yours truly was given the opportunity to host it. Let me give you a glimpse of Pow Salud announcing the MMA fight. This was the 12th fight so I was a bit tired. Hehe

Link to the fight article: Centennial MMA Fight Night 2.0 Highlights

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