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Instant Bounceback: Celtics Slip Pass Nuggets 111 - 110

Jaylen Brown after hitting a three pointer

After a 4 game skid, and another loss to the Western Kings, Golden State Warriors, Celtics survived the Denver Nuggets for a quick recovery.

Less than a minute to play, deadlock at 108 as Jaylen Brown shot the three pointer with 34 seconds left for the clock to tick.

Jamal Murray still has something to say as he hit Denver's final blow but a two pointer would never suffice a three point difference and Celtics walk away with a bounceback.

Kyrie Irving scored 27 points backed up by Jayson Tatum's 20 points.

Celtics downpoured 17 threes out of 36 attempts and dominate the battle beyond the arc as Nuggets only connected 10 times in 33 attempts. Nevertheless, the Nuggets begun their fightback on the shaded area. Slightly beating Boston in a 47 - 40 rebounding gap while scoring 54 out of 40 points in the paint.

Turnovers are at deadlock at 11 but it is Boston who somehow won the transition basketball leading 15 - 11 in terms of points off turnovers while 14 - 11 on the fast break points.

The stats says it all how close the game really was. Boston has 47. 3 fieldgoal percentage while Denver fell slightly lower at 45.2

It was Nugget's first defeat in 4 games and they are still up to the challenge as they'll face another powerhouse, the San Antonio Spurs who recently have a single lost in their last 4 games.

Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics bagged a clutch victory which they failed against the Lakers. Hitting a winning shot at that moment meant everything for Celtics. A stepping stone after fall against the Dubs. But still they haven't redeem themselves against the Warriors. Currently, the Dubs are the reigning team, defeating them as the Western top team.

Up next on their journey is the New York Knicks on February 1 at home.



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