NBA’s weighing in on US gambling

NBA’s weighing in on US gambling

Due to some serious legal activity taking place right now, and more action planned for the future, the second part of 2018 may become a groundbreaking year for real money wagering industry in United States. Many interested parties are either watching closely the situation, or figuring out some more elaborated steps to take in order to get ahead before competitors. Now the National Basket Association has something to say in the matter, and its representatives are proposing their ideas for the ideal gambling environment. 

With all of what’s going on in poker world, especially considering New Jersey’s legal actions and efforts that led to the fact that some of the largest online poker sites became available for US players, there is little wonder that the overall betting industry is bound to be changing as well. Currently, Supreme Court of the United States is dwelling on the legality of infamous piece of legislation called PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act from 1992) that successfully limited the development of sports betting throughout the country. The ruling is scheduled to be announced in June, and its implications may involve anything from maintaining the status quo to completely revoking PASPA ban. While the SCOTUS final verdict is eagerly anticipated, some US states are already planning some sort of framework for quick legislative response in the future. Other organizations seem to be on alert as well, trying to prepare beforehand for a small revolution and possibly participation in splitting the profits. 

It looks like this is exactly what NBA is doing, having realized the strong connection between sports and betting, and that the two are going hand in hand together. Therefore, the league’s official - Dan Spillane, senior vice president and assistant general counsel – presented a statement questioning the point of sports betting prohibition before New York State Senate’s Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee. The document also requested a specific list of bullet points in terms of formulating future laws in that department. The presented key components emphasized the foundation laid by sports leagues, like the games and fans, for betting activity, as well as the risks and expenses those leagues have to face. In the light of that information, NBA’s authorities feel that it is reasonable to be asking for 1 percent fee of each bet made on their games. 

Surely, not everyone shares the same point of view in this case. The opposite voices perceive NBA’s proposals as simply demanding their own piece of cake that could easily result in massive revenue for them. The betting operators for example are not too keen on generating any additional costs, as the leagues will not suffer from the lack of benefits from legal wagers. Besides, they believe any fees derived from it should come in form of taxes and be paid to the proper states involved, contributing to a greater good of their citizens in the end, rather than “wealthy private parties”.

Regardless of the follow-up, the whole situation clearly shows an urgent need for clear and decisive legal regulations in sports betting industry in United States. 

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