Mkhitaryan Calls for Unai Emery Support

Mkhitaryan Backs Unai Emery’s Criticised Philosophy 

Unai Emery was recently drafted to take the reins of Arsenal after the 22-year stint by previous head coach Arsene Wenger and those have proven to be rather generously sized boots to fill.
After Arsenal suffered defeat twice in a row at the hands of Manchester City and Chelsea, Emery’s new philosophy has drawn plenty of negative attention.
However, both Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Gary Neville have called for support of the new head coach and for people to be patient as Emery builds a better Arsenal.

Echoing the Sentiments of Gary Neville

While many have been quick to criticise Arsenal’s new head coach Unai Emery, Gary Neville believes that anyone who hasn’t noticed the changes in the Gunners’ approach has not been paying attention.
Neville explained that while the execution of the idea isn’t quite there just yet, Emery’s philosophy of improving the defensive game is an intelligent one – one that hasn’t been seen in years.
Emery is clearly trying to undo many bad habits that have been present in the players for the past 5 or 6 years, even under the celebrated Arsene Wenger.
While the Gunners have been defeated in their last 2 matches, Neville states that there are still plenty of positive takeaways: “The way the back four is ending up with the rest of the team still a short distance away, for me, is a big success.”

Two Defeats Since Taking Over

Emery may be receiving criticism for his expansive approach in Arsenal’s recent defeats by Manchester City and Chelsea – which likely had punters looking forward to Bendigo Cup betting instead – but Henrikh Mkhitaryan has echoed Neville’s sentiments fully. “Everyone has their own opinion. We know very well what we are playing for and how we have to play”, Mkhitaryan stated in an exclusive interview.
However, it may be difficult for outsiders to accept Emery’s vision as he has made Arsenal history, but it’s not been the good kind. Not since under Steven Burtenshaw’s leadership in 1986 has Arsenal lost their first 2 games under new leadership and this has obviously drawn negative attention.

Accepting the Vision of Unai

However, Emery has been given the difficult task of following in the footsteps of the largely celebrated Arsene Wenger, whose 22-year reign at Arsenal came to an end this summer.
Having played under both head coaches, Mkhitaryan has the benefit of being able to compare the managerial philosophies and of both Wenger and Emery and weigh up any trivia that may be important. “It's not too different but there are different things because there is not people playing in the same way or thinking in the same way, the philosophy is different,” he added.
Emery has kept much of Wenger’s philosophy, but aims to build on it and take Arsenal to greater heights. As Mkhitaryan stated, “he knows he can give something different to this club, like the balance between attack and defence. It's not easy but I think he's doing it in the right way.
It's a new philosophy, we have to accept that and work hard to achieve our goals.”

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