powcastChris Paul doing the Lebron

Tonight on ESPN is the Special edition broadcast of Chris Paul the Decision. mmm... sounds very Lebron

Could Chris Paul be the next big Superstar to do the Lebron, Chris Paul had been playing with the Hornets for quite sometimes and He is considered to be a superstar and an ambassador for the New Orleans. His lost will mean big for the City of New Orleans, maybe even bigger than Lebron James to Cleveland.

Chris Paul is an epitome of humbleness and greatness but could it be that the once kid who worked hard for the game be transform it to an intelligent money grabbing, opportunity seeking and advocate to Lebron James?

In the days to come we will find out what will happen, the Spotlight is now with him, recently he has shown more interest to be traded to Orlando or the Knicks and even the Lakers and be a part a Championship contender. His goal like Lebron James is to win and to win multiple times, in fact Lebron James support him in his outcry, even giving him advice on twittter.

On the other hands, can we blame these superstars, unlike before or unlike other not so talented players, their fate is decided by the teams or the management, they mostly have no control or choice if they will be traded or resign. They cannot choose to stay or go because they cannot  leverage on their skill or marketability.

In todays world almost everything is about business, and playing basketball is a business, its a way of life but ultimately for most players its their bread and butter. So ask your self. lets say you have a service or a product that is really great would you build your store or office in a location where you get less chance of getting buyer or would you put up your business in the center of a busy market where you have more chance of marketing and selling your product, this is pretty much what these players are doing, and we really cant blame them.

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