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The Biggest Upset in UFC History

There was a lot of excitement and questions going into UFC 193.  The promotion had high expectations for their biggest star, Ronda Rousey.   The plan was to make history by: 
- Having the first UFC Event headlined by two women's title fights
- Breaking the attendance record with 70,000 fans
- Breaking the live gate record set in Canada at UFC 129 St. Pierre VS Shield

Media and fans alike were waiting in anticipation to see if the UFC can accomplish these goals. The promotional videos leading up to the event mainly focused on Ronda Rousey. They showcased her cross over appeal by featuring Hollywood celebrities giving their praise to Rousey. 

Amidst all of this it seemed like it was a given that Rousey would come out victorious, it was just a matter of how she will finish the fight and how quickly it would happen. 

Holly Holm and her team in Albuquerque, New Mexico had other plans.

While the UFC marketing engine and MMA media were building up this event and almost dismissing the possibility of Holly Holm winning, the Jackson Winklejohn team was building another future champion. The result was a sharp, perfectly conditioned confident fighter in Holly Holm.  

"The Preachers Daughter" showed poise, foot work, high level striking and wrestling.  She executed the perfect game plan come fight night and dominated the former champ Ronda Rousey.    In the first round of the fight Holly Holm surprised everyone dominating Rousey on their feet, defending her takedowns and even landing her own takedown.   

Rousey was clearly hurt at the end of the first round and it was obvious to everyone watching that she had lost the first round.  At this point the first round she had ever lost in her MMA career. 

As the second round started Holm continued to show amazing "Octagon Control", she dictated where the fight will go and when they would engage.  At one point Ronda shot-in for a takedown and Holm smoothly moved out of the way making Rousey look amateur.  This was not the Ronda Rousey everyone was used to seeing, she was being dominated and the fight was not even close! 

Everyone was in shock! UFC commentator Joe Rogan was baffled saying "her hands are down and her chin is up."  A few moments later the kick heard around the world happened! After a scramble, as Rousey was getting up, Holly Holm threw her signature head-kick and it landed perfectly on the neck and chin of her opponent. Rousey dropped to the canvas and Holm followed up with punches until the referee stopped the fight. 

We are definitely entering a new era in the UFC. Dominant champions we are familiar with such as Anderson Silva, Cain Velasquez and now Ronda Rousey have fallen.  New champs have emerged like Fabricio Verdum, Rafael Dos Anjos, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and now Holly Holm.

These types of fights are great for the sport. This is what makes Fight Sports exciting!

"Great fighters take risks and take on all challengers in their prime. The losses in their record are evidence of this, and these losses do not take away from their greatness." - Oscar Dela Hoya (Boxing Hall of Famer)



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