DeAndre Jordan - You can Never Replace CP3, Talks About Griffin and Beverly

DeAndre Jordan at 29 years old has played his entire career wearing the Clippers Jersey. The former second round pick, 35th overall pick, however, almost signed with the Mavericks a couple of years ago is now left with Blake Griffin as the Clipper's core after Chris Paul leaving the team, DeAndre talks about how excited he is for the upcoming season.

He looks really excited

DeAndre Jordan tells ESPN that he is looking forward to playing alongside Blake Griffin and do more great things. He also touched on Chris Paul and commented that CP3 is irreplaceable.

DeAndre Jordan discusses the state of the Clippers following an eventful offseason at the 6th Annual SHOREbar+Wanu Beach Vball Classic, including the departure of Chris Paul. - ESPN

Would Blake and DeAndre be able to carry the Clippers

Yes, Playoffs
No, They will be eliminated
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