The Curious Kevin Ferrer, the Triangle Offense and the Next Man Up

Kevin Ferrer is getting to know the triangle

Ferrer is the future of Ginebra

Kevin Ferrer played 6 minutes last night against Kia and he scored 9 points, imagine how many he can score if he plays for about 30 minutes?

24 year old Kevin is a product of UST Growling Tigers where he was considered one of the main key players. The 6'5 forward has been drafted by Ginebra in a special draft and has been playing well. Recently chosen to represent the Philippines in the Jones Cup, Ferrer got a whole lot of opportunity ahead of him as he continues his journey to basketball.

Now back with Ginebra, Ferrer looks to make an impact with his mother team but not without knowing the system. Kevin has missed out all of the pre-season practices of Ginebra thus, he is still out of sink right now but the curious Kevin is definitely excited.

Ferrer still need to work on the triangle, he always ask questions and intrigued about it - Tim Cone

Ferrer looks to embrace the triangle system and as a young player under Tim Cone and the most popular basketball team in the land, he has the potential to be the next man up. There are a number of veterans in the Ginebra roster that maybe due to retire and young guns like him could be the next in line to represent the Franchise.

Do you think Kevin Ferrer can be the main man of Ginebra

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