By the Numbers: 3 Reasons why Ginebra vs TNT Game 3 was Equally-Matched

These will explain why the game wasn't decided until the final buzzer

Jayson Castro layup
Jayson Castro came back to life in the 2nd half to equalize the game.  (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)

Let's face it: there were three kinds of fans in last night's Game 3 of the best-of-5 semifinal series between the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings and the Talk N Text KaTropa: the happy ones which were the Ginebra, the sad or angry ones which were the fans of Jayson Castro and company and, the neutral ones which enjoyed the result regardless of who won the game. 

While the entire game was filled with fouls including a notable number of technicals many of which were called against the KaTropa which consequently led to the wide disparity of free throws awarded, can we all agree about one thing? 

The game was well-matched in terms of statistics because even though Ginebra was able to establish a double-digit lead in the early stages of the game, both teams were struggling with their shot attempts which ended in both teams only making 39% of their respective shot attempts.

Listed below are the 3 numbers of both teams which made the game close all night long:

60-58 Rebounds (In Favor of Ginebra)

In any game of basketball, whoever controls the rebounds, wins the game. Who said that? Hanamichi Sakuragi. 

In last night's Game 3, both Ginebra and Talk N Text were able to get the rebounds as a result of both teams' struggle the ball into the ring. Glen Rice Jr. for one, grabbed 20 rebounds for the KaTropa while Justin Brownlee 13 boards for Ginebra but what made the big difference which enabled Ginebra to come out victorious on a 106-103 decision was the number of offensive rebounds they were able to get off their own missed shots. 

Sure, both teams were equal in the number of offensive rebounds with 17 apiece but it was Ginebra who was able to take advantage of those extra possessions which allowed them to score 22 second-chance points in the process- many of those came in the crucial final 2 minutes of the games. 

26%-25% Three-Point Shooting (In Favor of TNT)

Let's just put it this way: we all know that TNT can shoot the lights out on any given night and Game 3 was no exception. Despite their low shooting percentage from beyond the arc, Nash Racela's boys were occasionally dropping long-distance bombs from deep as they made 11 of their 41 attempts n that area. In fact, Glen Rice Jr.'s three-point shot in the dying seconds of the game brought his team within 3 and had he nailed the final attempt at the buzzer, the game would have gone into overtime. 

That's how the deadly the three-point shot is. One makes and it can change the course of the game. TNT's shooting from the rainbow country was of the reasons why the KaTropa were able to stay within striking distance until the final buzzer. 

16 Turnovers Each

The turnover battle provided some needed excitement in a game that was filled with tensions and questionable calls from the referees. If anything, the 16 turnovers apiece of both squads proved that their respective defensive plans were clicking all game long especially in the 4th quarter. Both teams succumbed to make bad passes on multiple occasions.

Despite the painful loss which inched them closer to an early end to their season, we can't deny the fact that Talk N Text was the better team in terms of taking advantage of their opponents' mistakes by scoring 19 points off those 16 Ginebra turnovers. 

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