Bouncy Thoughts: Would Kevin Durant Leave Warriors or Would he Stay for Good?

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant provided the brightest ray of light on the path of the Dubs and is now gaining ground to achieve an NBA Dynasty for the Warriors.

But would he really stay for good or would he flee at some point in time?

To make this question even more interesting, let us set some scenarios and then try to answer that question.

If the Warriors became this season's champions...

Of course, KD would not leave the Dubs as they would try to win consecutive championships season by season. That's what every team wants, to beat Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls legendary 6 championships out of 8 seasons.

He would stay for now but not for good. Who knows, he might get the 'Greatest Player' title from LeBron if Dub's success would go on through the years.

If OKC would eliminate them in the playoffs...

Chances are dependent on Russell Westbrook's statement if this thing happens. He might provoke KD for leaving OKC and thus Durant would absolutely want redemption in the next season and destroy OKC.

But what if Westbrook invites KD back?

Maybe Durant would still not leave the next season. It would be bad if he'll leave already just because of one unsuccessful season. It may be best to try again one more time with the team who gave him his 1st career championship.

If the season after that, Dubs still fail, that may ticke KD's mind to get back to OKC. Even LeBron James once fled from Cleveland and went back when the Miami is fading away and despite that, the land still loves him play for the Cavs. It may be the same for Durant. Who knows, it might be the thunder who's up next to dominate?

But have you ever thought of KD to play with Cavs and with James?

That would've been amazing but still it might be far from reality. Two of the best players shall not be in the same teams. People love the showdown taking place if these guys go head to head than seeing them play together and win championships smoothly. Nevertheless, this possibility would not fall to zero probability. It may be both an amazing and annoying site seeing LeBron and Durant in the same team.

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