Balls-Eye: How can ROS take Game #2 from Ginebra?

Beau Belga holding basketball

Taking down Ginebra has never been easy for any squad.

But the Elasto Painters got the cards to play on their deck.

How can they take game two and force a do or die against the Gin Kings? Here are some of the paths they can take to outplay the Barangay.

1 - More plays for Daquioag

Daquioag's been effective on game #1 as he scored three-point buckets and clutch baskets at must score situations for the Elasto Painters. But it is quite evident that Daquioag landed shots which were not designed by a team play. Most are challenged shots and Daquioag just got it the hot hands that night to deliver a handful of baskets.

Now with Daquioag efficiently connecting his shots, what more if a play sets him up for even easier shots. ROS has been effective in setting up screens to render long open buckets. They even provided a well executed off the peak trey with Chris Tiu taking the three-point shot. With more similar plays provided for Daquioag, then ROS would score at a much faster rate with threes.

2 - A Defensive Belga

Undeniably, Belga's been an x-factor on game #1 as he delivered quite well on the offensive end. In fact, he scores almost everywhere on the court. But what ROS needs is to have a defensive Big Beau to match or even outwit Ginebra's interior. Without a Greg Slaughter, Ginebra's under the rim zone intensity gradually decreased. ROS just needs to set up the just right strategy to crowd off Japeth and let Big Beau be the beast inside offensively and much more important defensively.

3 - Keep an eye on Scottie

Boxing out Japeth would not make the job done for ROS. They still need to cease Scottie's rebounding that has saved Ginebra countless times ever since. Scottie had 15 boards on game #1 taking note that he plays the guard position. In this case, Scottie fills Gregzilla's void inside and thus leaving ROS with zero advantage of controlling the boards.

4 - Limit Tenyente's Time to touch the ball

The Elasto Painters did this quite well in the late part of the game but if they are to do this earlier, they would have a higher chance to take the game. Take note that L.A knocked down 3 triples in the 1st quarter alone and that was most of his points as he scored 16 in total. Imagine if ROS could've held Tenorio into place right from the start, he may haven't knocked down those huge triples.

If ROS controls Tenorio, they would stagnate Ginebra's ball movement and Ginebra's not into isolation plays except for the Sol train which leads us to the 5th way to beat Gin Kings.

5 - Never play defense one on one against the Sol Train

It would be an almost guaranteed basket once Sol Mercado plays iso on any defender. It is Sol's specialty to knock down baskets by creating space against a single defender. Never ever allow Ginebra to get the ball onto Sol's palm especially if a mismatch is on Sol. It would be a bleed out if such thing occurs.

It's the ROS who lost so it's their time to make more adjustments than Ginebra. They may try to shuffle the strategies at first, quickly evaluate which would be the most effective and stick to it to force do or die.

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