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Bouncy Thoughts: Who's the Most Exceptional PBA Coach?

Coach Yeng Guiao

All coaches are smart and admirable, but who is truly remarkable?

Our agreement isn't guaranteed but here are some insights about the considered to be a remarkable coach in the PBA, currently.

Who would not know the grumpy Coach Yeng Guiao? I am quite sure that if you are a PBA fan, if you've heard or seen him at least once.

Now, why is Coach Yeng the remarkable one?

I do not want to compare coaches through their career but with their personality instead so obviously, of all the coach personalities, the Yeng Guiao Attitude prevails.

He gets angry when his team fails but displays only a poker face when all is well. Coach Yeng maintains this extremely strong composure and keeps his players think he is unsatisfied with the team's performance.

It may be a negative trait for somebody for a coach like Yeng but it is an effective motivation for his team to play hard no matter how plausible victory or defeat is. What he wants is to play until the game clock hits zero.

In order to validate this 'remarkable' trait of Coach Yeng, let us try to imagine ourselves being under his training.

Yes, we all like to be affirmed for our good deeds. We desire the feeling of being appreciated whenever we accomplish something regardless of its purpose. We always seek for somebody to acknowledge what was done.

But do you know what makes us achieve the true happiness and satisfaction? Growth and development.

And if we've grown and developed to the maximum extent possible, only then would we be satisfied, when appreciation and affirmation sound the most sincere. 

This is what the Yeng Guiao style aims to achieve. 

Do not feed your players with excessive praises to make their heads bloat and lift their feet off the ground where it belongs. Maintain not just the feet but the whole body kissing the ground and make it hard for them to stand up until they become strong enough to do so. Words may make them feel strong but it's the actions that make them great. 

Winning is awesome but losing means you can be more than what you were yesterday or what you are today. 

Play harder every single game and develop a strong sense of teamwork every play.



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